Spring 13 crochet dress from the Band archive. 
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By S. Charlie Weyman
“If you’re in the fashion world — and I have one foot in it — at some point you have to come to terms with black. Black can be very chic, and guys who are into tradition are generally not into chic.” – Alan Flusser
It was only five years ago when menswear bloggers declared that nobody should wear black. Black leathers were said not to acquire the beautiful patina that makes an old and much-rubbed pair of brown shoes so well loved, and black fabrics were considered unflattering to most complexions. The wind seems to blow in the opposite direction these days, as my Tumblr feed is overcast with black bombers, black jeans, and black boots.
Black clothing has a rich history.
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A very special thank you to everyone who attended our first ever New York Fashion Week show!
We set out to make a collection that was incredibly easy-wearing and masculine. Soft, unfused collars were paired with minimally canvassed tailored clothing and untipped ties throughout, but not to be overlooked are the Italian corduroy field shirts and some beautiful 100% cashmere sweaters (launching later this fall).
We’re very excited to launch all of this product in the coming months, so stay tuned for all of this and a lot more!
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Cotton Harvest Season
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Knit overcoat by 1205. Via 4p.
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Opaque  by  andbamnan